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“Absolutely loved using Astro Builders for the second time!!! We chose to use Astro Builders again as they proved from our first build their high quality expertise, great price and we loved their ability to adapt the build to our personal style and needs during our journey. This made building more enjoyable for us.”

~ Stephen & Prudence

"Cannot praise Caleb & Astro Builders enough. Every aspect of the build was promptly, meticulously carried out with exceptional attention to detail. A true craftsman and gentleman. High recommendation to all."

~ Lyn

Working with Caleb, Amyrah and the team at Astro Builders is an absolute pleasure.

​We have a genuine feeling that they have our best interests at heart and make the building process very straightforward.

They're very helpful and more than happy to help out with recommendations when needed. I'd highly recommend them to my friends and family."

~ Alvin & Abby

“Our experience building our first home with the team at Astro Builders has been enjoyable and stress free. Caleb and Amyrah Griffiths were more than happy to give us support and guidance as we needed it throughout the building process, allowing us to make decisions at our own pace and even making adjustments along the way as needed."

~ Daniel & Esther

"Caleb has been SO punctual on every visit and communication was always excellent at each stage. We built during a very busy time and still Caleb managed to keep up with our build and on budget, amazing!

I have and would recommend Caleb and Astro Builders to anyone considering building, they proved to be so genuine, honest, trustworthy, capable, flexible and a great local builder."

~ Lori & Raquel

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